Damn Good Taco's in Austin

Damn Good Taco’s in Austin

I love to write about the hidden places in Austin, the things that are still kept quiet, unhindered by the mass droves of tourists and newly located locals.  The places where keeping Austin weird is more of a relaxed smoke-out music filled chill session than much of the ‘weird’ things that have sprung up in the last few years.

But some  of the most well known things in Austin are just too good to not talk about, and Torchy’s is right up there with the best of them.

Torchy’s Tacos followed a path that seems to have a lot in common with a lot of other Austin businesses.  Maxed out credit cards, shaky beginnings, and the eventual discovery of awesomeness that led to huge success.  It’s easy to see why Torchy’s made it.  Fantastic ingredients and regular testing of new taco combinations have helped bring some unique and (though I hate this word) flavorful menu headliners to the trays of thousands of Austinites and visitors alike. From it’s early beginnings of trying out new recipes and looking for the ‘Damn that’s good’ response (they say they have damn good tacos for a reason) Torchy’s still tries out new Tacos every month.

Here’s a little secret for you too, Torchy’s doesn’t just have the on location menu, but also a secret menu, compiled courtesy of  The Avocado Apex.

Despite it’s success, Torchy’s always seems to remain pretty Austin.  It has both a trailer and multiple brick and mortar venues, but all of them sport the no bullshit attitude with friendly staff and down to earth surroundings. Look forward to backyard style outdoor areas and diner interiors, but always keep an eye out for the taco of the month board.

So what makes Torchy’s special? Considering the vast number of taco joints in this town, many of them smaller, hidden, and just as god?

It’s a mix, and a potently beautiful one.

  • Great ingredients
  • Always trying new ideas
  • Fantastic staff
  • The Austin ambiance
  • Delicious food
  • and a lot of it
  • Consistency

Plenty of places have a few items on that list, but Torchy’s brings them all to one spot, with the only negatives coming down to long lines some lunchtimes, and being just a little pricier than many taco joints , which I can forgive easily thanks to the quality of the ingredients and the quantities they serve in each barely wrap-able tortilla.

The combinations go from the standard beef fajita fare, through to seafood mixes. So whatever your tastes, there’s going to be a taco for you.

If taco’s were not enough, Torchy’s also has some fantastic salsa and award winning queso to keep you going whilst you wait for your number to be called!

The final plus about this taco chain is that the are all over Austin, so no matter where you are in this fine city, chances are good that there will be a Torchy’s close by!

Oliver Whitham

Oliver Whitham

Founder at In ATX
Oliver is a Business and Marketing Consultant by day and owner of In ATX and Austin Virtual Workers by night. He lives, drinks, works and eats in this fine city, and figured that it was time to write something about it!
Oliver Whitham