Everything being bigger in Texas, venues are not exempt from that opinion in the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin360 Amphitheater helps embody this principle and others in the ever changing scene that draws people to move here. There is money to be made on the bands that are loved, thousands of like-minded individuals looking to jam out, and drinks to be sold.

I am a concert novice, having just hit the decade mark of concert attending and show going. Still, I have opinions on what type of venues are enjoyable and which ones are drags. An over 6,500 seating area and enough space for over 14,000 guests, the idea of the Amphitheater was one that I dreaded. The company boasts that the complex is within the 1,500 acres set aside for The Circuit of Americas. Though the numbers may be daunting, Austin360 does provide a unique experience.

Numbers and stats aside, this is the answer to construction improving Auditorium Shores. Not as picturesque, it is strategic in its positioning to the airport. The powers that be are safe in the knowledge that they can draw huge crowds without any worry over muddy concert goers tweeting about their soggy disaster. Or on the flip side, the dust bowl conditions suffered during their favorite song. Austin360 already has a comedy festival booked and just finished hosting the X Games a couple months back.

There is a tradeoff between seating and visibility, but when was the last time you (I) was able to get up to the front stage during Girl Talk (three years ago). The sound quality is not warped over the massive speakers blaring out to the back lawn. There were murmurs of dissent from some of the thousands of spectators at Metallica. But Metallica is a big name draw during the X Games and in Texas and Austin360 is the biggest venue to meet those needs.

If willing to drop the money, go for the tiered stadium seating. The best deals are those in 202 as the huge VIP tent blocks out the glaring summer sun. With the way that the seats are set in this valley of sound, on a more forgiving day a breeze wisps away all complaints while sipping a ten dollar local cider. </p.

The pricing for food and drink can be expected for the type of business that is Austin360. Even shelling out ten dollars a drink, the Austin flavor scene can still be appreciated. There is a number of local vendors selling tamales, barbeque, Asian fusion tacos, and of course Pizza Hut. There are the common core of corporate beers and even a selection of local favorites, but nothing is cheap.

With strict rules on what can be brought in, no outside food or drink and recording equipment being standard, either pregame or shell out. Be prepared to walk and arrive early for the closest parking spots. It seems most of the land is dedicated to the thousands of cars being driven to the venue.

In upcoming months they will have some shows, guaranteed to have me coming back for more. After seating through a more relaxed set, I will have the chance to see if my opinion changes from the back lawn. Upcoming acts include Incubus, Deftones, and Death From Above 1979; Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago, and the Oddball Comedy Festival from Funny or Die. Only the biggest acts for the biggest venue in Austin, and already Austin360 Amphitheater is seeing it pay off.

A.J. Whitaker

A.J. Whitaker is from San Antonio who decided to make it big in Austin. Every day she curses the traffic and all the other people who had the same idea to move. When she is not passing judgment on businesses she is submitting fiction to literary journals. Follow her success and lack of it, on her personal blog