We love Austin coffee shops, especially when they double as pubs! One of our new favorite local shops is Stouthaus Coffee Pub (On Facebook) They are located in Sunset Valley of Austin just south of 290 (Google Map Link). Stouthaus opened it’s doors just over 5 months ago and they already have a loyal customer base. Oh, and did I mention they have parking?

Stouthaus Coffee Pub Donates 10% of Sales to Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin

Recently, Stouthaus found itself entrenched in a bit of controversy over a hot topic: public nursing. As the story goes, one of the owners asked a nursing mother if she’d like a towel to cover up while the infant wasn’t nursing. The incident was posted in a Facebook group and caught a lot of media attention. Hundreds of mothers, supporters, and breastfeeding advocates vocalized their opinion publicly and Stouthaus’ social media was flooded with complaints and negative reviews. The story was even reported on local news. Stouthaus owners James and Sandy Hughes were mortified, but their eventual response was an example of the right way to handle such a community uprising.

Stouthaus offered an apology, thanked the community for voicing its opinion and educating them on an issue, and embraced the situation.

A nurse-in was scheduled among the members of various special interest Facebook groups. Stouthaus saw this and welcomed the mothers in. They’ve posted about their support for the event, will be providing participants with cupcakes, and have gone the extra mile by announcing that they will donate 10% of all of Saturday’s sales to the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, a group that donates human donor milk to premature and ill infants that are in need.

The response? Overwhelmingly positive. There Facebook page, which saw an onslaught of 1-star reviews, has steadily climbed back up and their social media interaction seems to reflect a consistently positive sentiment from a previously outraged community.

The lesson here; listen to your community! A little understand can go a long way.

If you make it down to Stouthaus today (28th Feb 2015), let us know what you think! They feature Cuvee coffee and have some seriously good baked goods. Also, beer on tap makes this a great place for afternoon work.