Let’s face it, no one really thinks of burgers as a gourmet meal. They are pretty basic, looked down upon. But you know what? There’s a whole lot of difference between a really great burger, and a McDonald’s 100% cow parts patty.

wpid-20141120_205043.jpgSo when I do find a good burger joint, I hang on to it, and fortuitously I got to add Silo to my list just as another one of my regular burger hangouts started to go downhill.

Silo is nestled in the heart of the rapidly expanding east 7th street, highlighted by it’s signature brightly lit silo that towers over the street below. Multiple levels of outdoor seating also sit around the building, giving fantastic views of the city, each level dimly lit for the perfect date. Though, the best location to sit on this deck is not the top deck with a view, but below the silo itself.

The inside has a more traditional bar decor, that gives you a chilled out relaxed atmosphere that contrasts a few of the more high-end joints that have opened up on a traditionally simpler part of Austin. There’s a fair amount of seating inside, though it’s fairly obvious that Silo is greatest when the Austin weather suits outdoor drinking.  There are plenty of TV’s inside too, though the Silo definitely avoids the sports bar feel.

The surrounds are compelling, but where Silo gets incredible is it’s food.  To encompass this in one review I’m going to start with the chips and salsa.  The salsa might not be the best in town, but it’s good, the chips however are enough to make Silo a must visit restaurant. Perfectly seasoned, freshly cooked and with a uniquely more-ish crunch.

Burgers at the SIlo AustinNext the burgers, they aren’t the cheapest in town, but well worth the extra couple of dollars. The Burgers come with a generous side of fries, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. The burgers are huge, abundantly garnished with your choice of toppings.  Though meat is my choice, and there are plenty of choices, I have it on good word that the veggie burger is also fantastic!

Though many people seem to have complained about the wait in the past, we were seated, served and fed quickly, however it was pretty quiet, so maybe avoid this venue on a Friday/Saturday unless you are willing to wait.

Silo is well worth a visit, especially for those who love their burgers. It’s outdoor ambiance is great for a date, it’s food is beautifully delicious and the drinks selection is excellent.

Oliver Whitham

Oliver Whitham

Founder at In ATX
Oliver is a Business and Marketing Consultant by day and owner of In ATX and Austin Virtual Workers by night. He lives, drinks, works and eats in this fine city, and figured that it was time to write something about it!
Oliver Whitham