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How to Deal with the Texas Floods

The floods have hit Austin, and the rest of Texas hard the last few days.  Though this message might come  a little late for some, there’s more rain on the way, and the ground is saturated. Simply put, more flooding could be on the way.

A large number of people here in Austin have found themselves […]

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Stouthaus Coffee Pub Donates 10% of Sales to Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin

We love Austin coffee shops, especially when they double as pubs! One of our new favorite local shops is Stouthaus Coffee Pub (On Facebook) They are located in Sunset Valley of Austin just south of 290 (Google Map Link). Stouthaus opened it’s doors just over 5 months ago and they already have a loyal customer […]

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The Dark Side of the Brewing Industry Hits a Local Austin Brewery

We all know that business can be a dirty dangerous place, but nevertheless it’s always surprising when it hits close to home.  This weekend the Oasis Texas Brewing Company posted a rebuttal against what I can only call a smear campaign started by the New Belgium Brewing Company, you may know these guys from beers […]

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Could Austin Learn from the San Marcos “Sober Hour” Suggestion?

A group of students in San Marcos brought up a great suggestion for dealing with the pervasive drink driving issue in it’s town center. Their idea? A “sober hour” where bars are suggested to stay open for an additional hour, alcohol free, to give people time to sober up before they head home.

Personally, I think this […]

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