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Oliver is a Business and Marketing Consultant by day and owner of In ATX and Austin Virtual Workers by night. He lives, drinks, works and eats in this fine city, and figured that it was time to write something about it!

Austin Barbecue Society – One of the Best Dining Experiences in Austin

Austin is well known for it’s great food experiences, and even more so for it’s top BBQ chefs.  But if you mention Austin Barbecue Society to the general Austinite they will have zero clue what you are talking about.

Which is a shame, and here’s why.

For a very modest sum you can (thanks to BrisketMan) get […]

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Truck By Truck West 2014 Announced!

Truck by Truck West 2014 has been announced, and if you haven’t heard about this fantastic event, it’s worth checking out! Last year I sampled a ton of free food, and enjoyed some amazing specials from popular and new food trucks alike, I’m hoping to see all this and more again in TXTW 2014! Truck […]

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Fados Irish Pub & Restaurant

As an Englishman in Austin I avoided Fado’s for a long time.  There was a two fold reason for this. Firstly, I didn’t come to Austin to reminisce about England (Which invariably happens when I hang out with people from my homeland.) Secondly, most Irish bars tend to just feel a little fake.

So when I […]

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LA Barbecue – Some of the Best BBQ in Austin!

Austin has a vast amount to offer when it comes to barbecue. It has quickly become the epicenter of smoked cuisine that expands outwards in all directions, for Austinite’s there are plenty of in-town locations, and even more day trips you can take to get away from the city.

But one of my favorites till this […]

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Halcyon Coffee Bar Lounge – All Your Legal Vices in Downtown Austin!

I love coffee shops in Austin. The more eclectic the better. I work from them, relax in them, even drink in them. Which is why I often find myself drifting away from many of the out of the way coffee shops on the east side, and instead head downtown.

Halcyon advertises itself as serving all the […]

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Eight Great Coffee Shops in Austin

When it comes to relaxing, there is a lot you can do in Austin. But as I sit here writing this post from a coffee shop on a warm 70 degree Austin February day I realize why I spend so many Sundays chilling with a latte instead of a margarita.

Austin has some amazing coffee shops, […]

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Poutine and Pub Fare at the Haymaker Austin

New bars are popping up everywhere in Austin, but the Haymaker brings something a little special to Austin. To start with it has a huge range of beers, and switches out it’s staff regularly to keep even the greatest beer nerd on their toes.  With a vast selection of bottles, bombers and draft curated by […]

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Lulu B’s

With hundreds of food trucks in Austin, my love of BBQ, and the vast range of food styles available for purchase, you would expect my number one food cart to be something rather special. Yet, there is one food truck I constantly find myself returning to time and time again, and all for their sandwiches.

Lulu […]

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Deep Eddy Cabaret

With the rising number of fancy bars and dress code establishments springing up in what has always been a more casual city, it’s refreshing to see that Deep Eddy Cabaret has kept itself grounded.

You wont find any high priced wines, classy cocktails, or pretentious douche-baggery in here. Instead you have cheap beers, cheap pool tables, […]

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Black’s Barbeque

It seems kind of strange that my first post on InATX is actually outside of Austin. But since I am heading to Blacks today, I couldn’t help put together a review of one of Texas’s best barbecue joints. Around a half hour drive from Downtown Austin, blacks is located in the heart of Lockhart, a small, pretty […]

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