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Oliver is a Business and Marketing Consultant by day and owner of In ATX and Austin Virtual Workers by night. He lives, drinks, works and eats in this fine city, and figured that it was time to write something about it!

Tech Events Roundup October 9 – 19 : ATX Startup Week and More

Check out our round-up of some of the best upcoming tech events in Austin from October 9 – 19th!

Think something needs to be added to the list? Email oli at inatx dot co!

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Thursday 9th
ATX Startup Crawl

Location: Capitol Factory & […]

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Freedmen’s BBQ (and Delicious Drinks)

There’s a lot of good Barbecue in Austin, there are plenty of trailers around town that can give you some fantastic smoked meats, but Freedmen’s is a little different. Though they do excellent barbecue, it’s the drinks you get on the side that make this a common destination for me over some of the other […]

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Interview with Emily Leach Founder of the Austin Freelance Conference

The first ever Austin Freelance Conference is less than a month away! With some great speakers and even better networking opportunities it’s a great way to meet up with some other local freelancers, and learn a little too!

Check out our interview with founder and organizer Emily Leach about this fantastic new conference, and some of […]

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East Side King – The South Lamar Brick and Mortar Location

It’s not always easy to rank the food trucks and restaurants in Austin.  There are so many diverse options, it really is hard to decide what’s “best”. But East Side King is nearly always a top contender, if not a winner, when eateries around town are ranked.

The South Lamar brick and mortar East Side King […]

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Could Austin Learn from the San Marcos “Sober Hour” Suggestion?

A group of students in San Marcos brought up a great suggestion for dealing with the pervasive drink driving issue in it’s town center. Their idea? A “sober hour” where bars are suggested to stay open for an additional hour, alcohol free, to give people time to sober up before they head home.

Personally, I think this […]

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The Gingerman

There’s plenty of places in Austin where you can grab a great beer, but when you are looking to try something new, I always look for a few things

Large selection of beers, and not just twenty kinds of Lone Star
Knowledgeable staff, If I can give them my tastes and they give me a beer I […]

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Mi Madre’s – Making Some of the Best Breakfast Tacos in Austin!

Mi Madre’s doesn’t look like too much from the outside, another taco shack in Austin situated on Manor.  Once you get inside though a friendly interior, and relaxing outside space turn this in to a great place to recover from a weekend hangover. Despite the small outer appearance, Mi Madre’s has a lot of space […]

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Torchy’s Tacos the Not-So-Hidden Taco Gem of Austin

I love to write about the hidden places in Austin, the things that are still kept quiet, unhindered by the mass droves of tourists and newly located locals.  The places where keeping Austin weird is more of a relaxed smoke-out music filled chill session than much of the ‘weird’ things that have sprung up in the […]

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Six of the Best Beer Bars in Austin

Texas might not be known for its beer. Hampered by restrictive beer laws and over-reaching political oversight  even the popular beers have a hard time getting started, and getting found outside of the state. Fortunately many persevere, and Austin now has more than its fair share of fantastic breweries, and varied beers.  But it’s not […]

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Austin Digital Jobs Recruiting Mixer

LinkedIn, Hostmonster, Craigslist and so on spew out hundreds of jobs a week, and each one gets even more resumes. But those who have been in Austin for a while know that getting a job (or a client) in this town more often comes down to who you know and your reputation than a pretty […]

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