How to Deal with the Texas Floods

The floods have hit Austin, and the rest of Texas hard the last few days.  Though this message might come  a little late for some, there’s more rain on the way, and the ground is saturated. Simply put, more flooding could be on the way.

A large number of people here in Austin have found themselves […]

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Don’t Cheat. You Can Do Better.

With the tag line “everyone needs a little on the side” it is easy for me to be disdainful. If I am going to cheat on my favorite dive bars and hangouts with Side Bar, I am just licking the bottom of the an empty shot glass left behind trying to convince myself it was […]

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Brush up on that Norse Mythology at Valhalla

The reason why I love Valhalla is all in the name, apt and prophetic as to the courage needed to cross into the threshold. Located on Red River it is unlike the glamour of surrounding 6th street with its chain bars. Red River businesses follow the trend of real Austin, whatever that is. Wait; let […]

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Hillside Farmacy and Seasonal Love

Hillside Farmacy is a delicious restaurant full of contradictions; it is hard not to gush about the restaurant without adding a but to every statement. Located on East 11th it is part of a neighborhood on the fast track to gentrification. It is a beautiful building and easy to recognize, and here comes the first […]

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Pinballz Arcade has Mass Appeal

Those of you with children, how can you stand to be at Chuck E. Cheese? To be surrounded by the stench of sweaty children feet in the tubes of doom as you try to wrestle them out in order to shove cardboard pizza down their throats, the terrifying animatronic animals hypnotizing your child into begging […]

Not just a hairstyle, Mohawk’s is Statement Venue for Austin.

Mohawk is one of the best venues in town. In turn Cheer up Charlies has to compensate and compete as they are nestled at the bottom of the cliff face that makes Mohawk aesthetically appealing. As their name implies, their shows tend to run to the more alternative side of rock and music. All your […]

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Austin Tech Round-Up

Meet some amazing tech talent this week! There are plenty of networking opportunities and a few panels where you can meet some of Austin’s tech execs!

If you think an event needs to be added to the list leave a comment or e-mail us!

Don’t forget that Austin Virtual Workers holds co-working sessions around town several times a […]

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Plush: A DJ’s Bar with a Dive Vibe

Plush is a DJs bar; a grittier version of Cheers. Like the misunderstood pit-bull, the strong show of strength can be intimidating but Plush will only attack if provoked. Show respect to the bartenders and the patrons and you will find Plush to be a loyal guard dog. It is one of the friendlier bars […]

Austin Tech Event Round-Up – Did I hear you say BASHH!!!

People looking for Co-Founder, This BASHH Thing, and I’ll be teaching Local SEO, does this week get any better?

If you think an event needs to be added to the list leave a comment or e-mail us!

Don’t forget that Austin Virtual Workers holds co-working sessions around town several times a week, stop by and work remotely with […]

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Longbranch Inn

6th St has a lot to offer, but the weekend mixed crowd of tourists, bros, packs of single ladies, and underage drinkers looking to slip by with their fake IDs can be daunting. For those who like the feeling of a local bar, more chill and welcoming to conversations that do not require shouting over […]

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