Portfolio Posse

A posse is what you put together when you need to find someone. The one I got was for people who didn’t need to be found — but being found didn’t mean they weren’t invisible.

I run regular social events for video game developers in Austin. Not long ago, on a Tuesday night, as an add-on […]

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Comprehensive List of Austin Co-Working Spots by Region

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Local Gaming Company Meshes it’s Latest Release Rome 2030 with Crypto Currency

It’s not often there’s a big shift in the gaming industry. It tends to happen every five to six years, when something will come along which will revolutionize gaming entertainment.

I was kind of excited to see something that could be the latest game changer appear from a local gaming company “IngZ Inc.” with their kickstarter […]

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The spacious potential of Austin360 Amphitheater

Everything being bigger in Texas, venues are not exempt from that opinion in the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin360 Amphitheater helps embody this principle and others in the ever changing scene that draws people to move here. There is money to be made on the bands that are loved, thousands of like-minded […]

Emo’s East Life After 6th Street

If new to Austin there is always the question asked, “How long have you been here?” Once answered it is followed by, “So you remember when blank was still blank?” Emo’s is a good gauge in how long you have lived here, and if you remember seeing a show when it still was on 6th […]

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“The City of the Violet Crown” continues on through the 21st century.

The best way to take a break from the overwhelming drone of cicadas under the oppressive summer sun has always been the darkness and cool air of a movie theater. Austin is awash with different ways to experience cinema: name brand movie houses, independent theaters with limited screens, drive-ins, or a spread out blanket while […]

Sa-tén Coffee, a reserved addition to the ever-changing East side.

A new art collective on the East side, Canopy, is helping to change the neighborhood. The East side is rife with complaints about gentrification as established communities are pushed out in the name of progress. Thriving businesses are bulldozed over, reducing stock and lives to rubble in a process of cultural genocide. Rents are raised […]

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A theater with the punk sentiment of DYI, Salvage Vanguard brings culture to the East Side.

At times Austin comes across, even with its numerous campaigns to keep it local, as a commercial city. There are tons of shops, music festivals, bars, restaurants, and venues to cater to the needs of the Live Music Capital of the World. And yet, considering the scope and history of living in the capital, several […]

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Show Up with a Frown and Turn that Crap Upside Down at Cheer up Charlies

Once you live in Austin a couple of years it becomes a point of pride to rub it into newcomers faces that you remember when this used to be that. Successful businesses in Austin tend to be bought up, renamed, and relocated. For Cheer Up Charlies they may have moved, but at least they did […]

How to Start a Downtown Bender Right with Koriente

Amid all the bars, venues, and gas stations downtown there is one restaurant out of the way that is the complete opposite to its surroundings. The more popular restaurants around dirty 6th/7th have larger seating in order to accommodate the traffic. They offer hearty foods heavy in taste: barbecue, pizza pies, tex-mex. At every corner are […]

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